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AIDS Information

What is AIDS?

It has been three decades since the HIV virus was discovered. However, we still lack the necessary information with regards to HIV and AIDS. As based on the estimate of the United Nations, there are currently more than thirty million HIV-infected people (including more than two million HIV-affected children). Though there is no 100% sure vaccine or cure for the HIV virus, the IAVI or the Int. AIDS Vaccine Initiative will make sure that such medicines are accessible at a cost that is affordable even in 3rd world countries. The hunt for the AIDS vaccine is still a challenge for today's society.

Let us proceed in depth to more data with regards to HIV or AIDS. What is the cause of the infection's spread? Ignorance. Take note that one in 3 people in the world still do not know how such an infection spreads. We need to awaken to the reality of the disease's epidemic. Plus, the leaders of the world need to demonstrate authentic commitment in order to make true their promise. We do not have to yearn for a quarter of a century for a specific vaccine. The current need consists of four Ms - medicines, money, motivation, manpower.

We must burst the illusion with regards to the common HIV / AIDS myths.

Blood donation could spread HIV infection. A lot of people are therefore afraid of giving blood. Be aware that HIV is not spread via blood donation since blood banks and hospitals utilize syringes which are disposable. Another common myth is that AIDS / HIV is spread via bug bites, mosquito, saliva, air or through touch. It is extremely important to gather information on AIDS and the fact that it does not spread via bug bites, mosquito, saliva, air or touch.

Promiscuous women and men have also been held equally responsible for the global AIDS / HIV epidemic. Stigma with regards to people who have tested positive for HIV must be countered specially if the threat of AIDS/HIV needs to be overcome. Take note that stigma is difficult to track. Plus, its impact is equally difficult to measure. Those who are susceptible to the disease and are going through social stigma as well as discrimination could wonder if they were advised that knowledge and awareness with regards to AIDS is higher than ever before.

Preventing HIV/AIDS as well as protection against such a disease is important. However, merely stigma and isolation is not the solely answer. It is challenging to battle for legislation and better outcome of policies. Specific states possess law against HIV discrimination.


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