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A home HIV test can be a valuable diagnostic tool for the early detection of the HIV-causing virus in your bloodstream. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ("AIDS") is a serious disorder wherein an afflicted person's natural immunity to various infections severely diminishes until it completely disappears. Triggered by the HIV virus, this dangerous condition can remain dormant within the body's cells for up to a decade before full-blown AIDS develops. As a matter of fact, experts estimate that many HIV carriers never develop AIDS symptoms, although they transmit the virus to others.

A blood test for HIV may be very beneficial in many respects; thus, many valid reasons exist for administering a home AIDS test. Among these are:

1. Containing virus transmission: Over 56 thousand US residents become infected with HIV each year. This is primary due to the disproportionate number of the infected population who remain ignorant of their illness. Consequently, they unwittingly spread the disease to sexual partners. Such cases are often discovered after an unplanned HIV blood screen is conducted on occasions like voluntary bloo9d or plasma donation sites at school or work. Conducting a home HIV test can identify the active infection so that its inadvertent spread may be avoided.

2. Greater Privacy: The possibility of others knowing that one is being tested for HIV, or finding out test results can be disheartening and is a major deterrent to widespread testing. If a trip to a public testing site or lab is necessary, these issues become very realistic patient concerns. The availability of home HIV test kits encourages early detection, however. No one ever need know that a test is being conducted; nor is there much likelihood of inadvertent or intentional unauthorized disclosure of results. Home HIV test users should dispose of their used kits properly, however. This is particularly true of those whose neighbors might be especially inquisitive.

3. Ease and convenience: A home AIDS test is very easy to administer. Merely buy the package online and call the vender a few days later to learn of the results obtained from lab tests run on the small blood sample previously provided. A unique numerical identifier is supplied with each kit for this followup.

4. Highly accurate: A home test is highly accurate. The Food and Drug Administration has approved such kits due to its recognition of consistent quality control maintenance by commercial suppliers. The blood sample that the customer supplies is mailed directly to a CLIA-approved lab facility. Proper adherence to the written instructions included with each kit is all that is necessary to achieve a result that is 99 percent accurate.

5. Self reassurance: A home AIDS test offers convenience in assuring yourself of good health and peace of mind following imprudent sexual contact. Instead of fretting over whether you have contracted HIV, choose the better route of taking a home AIDS test to ascertain your true status.

A Home AIDS Test Affords Accuracy and Assurance

Deciding to use a home AIDS test helps protect both you and your sexual partners from needless exposure to a deadly disease.


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